Dog Tricks Save Lives


Dog Tricks Save Lives

Although it’s common for dog rescuers to become consumed with overwhelm, there is a solution that saves the lives of more homeless dogs. And, this solution also attracts more volunteers and donors. Bestselling author and award-winning filmmaker Larry Kay shows audiences how teaching shelter dogs easy-to-learn dog tricks while filming them creates lasting impact. Through a blend of dynamic storytelling, myth-busting facts, heartwarming film clips, and tail-wagging tricks, your audiences will feel energized as they discover how even the smallest trick can lead to forever homes and renewed vitality for the rescue organization.

Tailored for audiences filled with:

  • Veterinarians
  • Shelter teams and volunteers
  • Pet industry professionals
  • Dog enthusiasts
  • Pet bloggers
  • Corporate and executive leaders*

*Yes, corporate audiences outside of the pet industry love this keynote, too. Connect with Larry and find out how this keynote can help your event.

Dog Tricks Save Lives


Wildly Creative

When it comes to surviving and thriving in high-producing creative teams, there’s a lot to be learned from the dog world. Sharing his decades of experience as a media creator and producer, as well his knowledge of all things canine, Larry Kay shows how successful creative pros embrace both their inner “wild wolves” and “domesticated dogs,” making space for untamed vision and drive while also building a safe container where the entire team can grow: bringing in more ideas, more innovation, and more income.

Tailored for audiences filled with:

  • Creatives
  • Corporate and executive leaders
  • Marketers
  • Sales leaders
Dog Tricks Save Lives

“Larry Kay’s enthusiasm and innovation are unsurpassed.”

Heather Loenser, DVM

Spokesperson & Senior Officer, American Animal Hospital Association

Dog Tricks Save Lives


Training to Attract More Adoptions,
Donations, Volunteers

Dog Rescue Stars: Trick Training and Moviemaking with Shelter Dogs

In this hands-on workshop, Larry directs participants to create short videos that get dogs adopted while attracting attention, donations, and volunteers to serve your rescue organization. As an award-winning filmmaker and former NYU film/TV teacher, Larry shows how inside every homeless dog is an undiscovered star. His breakthrough methods rapidly teach dogs the essentials to get them adoption-ready: a few wow tricks and fundamental socialization. Every canine graduate earns the best kind of stardom: becoming a loved companion in a forever home.


Watch Larry's Keynote Trailer

“Larry Kay’s moviemaking and training workshop attracted more people to visit us, adopt, and volunteer. Our cash donations increased,

which allowed us to expand our on-site clinic to dental services and add climbing structures to our exercise yard, among other projects. In-kind donations also increased, especially dog and cat food, previously a major expense for us. We look forward to working with Larry again and sharing his program with other shelters.”

Suzanne Allison

President, Pet Orphans Southern California


Memorable Event Promotion Included for Keynotes

Larry and Spider will film a customized dog trick performance to promote your event. It will have everyone buzzing (and maybe barking) with excitement before they even set foot in your venue.

Post-Event Experiences

In addition to connecting with your audience before and during the event, Larry delightfully offers experiences after his keynote. Experiences include attending a VIP dinner, bulk book sales at a special client-only rate, book signings, and even a cocktail event performance.

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